Having worked with people as an alternative therapist for over 25 years now, my journey began when I trained as a homeopath at the London College of Homeopathy. Whilst practising as a homeopath I trained to become a psychodynamic counsellor which I felt supported my homeopathic work. As I developed I became more interested in helping people on their spiritual path, so I continued my evolution to become a teacher with the Diana Cooper school. This gave me the skills to develop the inspiration, wisdom, knowledge and tools with which to build a solid spiritual foundation. 



Through my own healing journey I have felt called to help women heal both physically and spiritually. I attended a Mystery school and studied Women’s mysteries with an emphasis on the teachings of Mary Magdalene. I have also trained as a women’s circle facilitator. This has lead me to create a monthly Women’s circle called the Magdala Moon Lodge to offer sacred space for sisterhood healing. I feel that women have lost touch with themselves and their connection to the earth. I wish to help them remember who they are and the creative power they hold. I feel a huge commitment to the collective healing on the planet right now and to awaken the divine feminine energy needed by us all.