Having worked with people as an alternative therapist for over 25 years now, my journey began when I trained as a homeopath at the London College of Homeopathy. Whilst practising as a homeopath I trained to become a psychodynamic counsellor which I felt supported my homeopathic work. As I developed I became more interested in helping people on their spiritual path, so I continued my evolution to become a teacher with the Diana Cooper school. This gave me the skills to develop the inspiration, wisdom, knowledge and tools with which to build a solid spiritual foundation.

Since 2012 there has been a powerful shift on our planet towards initiating an awakening process moving us into the fifth dimension. This gives us the opportunity to further evolve as spiritual beings.

I began to feel quite restricted by my previous healing practices, not really knowing why, this eventually led me to Transference Healing®. What is unique about this modality is it supports the ascension process we are all experiencing. Light and physical mass are uniting enabling us to manifest our light body and higher self, whilst in an earthly incarnation.

Receiving this energy in healings has shifted my consciousness and reality in ways I could not have imagined. I have released both physical and emotional restrictive patterning from my body. Learning to work with this energy has given me the tools to support my awakening process, self-healing and spiritual empowerment. I have always felt a passion for helping people evolve and transform and by working with these frequencies I feel I can achieve this during these extraordinary times of transformation.