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Happy 2019!!

We start 2019 with a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th January, this is perfect to help set your intentions for the coming year. It will energise and bring clarity to your path. Listen to your intuition and what ideas come up, let the universe know what you want!! Then….. be ready for the next eclipse on 20th January, this is a super blood moon eclipse in Leo. This energy will stir up and clear what maybe in the way of you achieving your dreams for this year. Old wounds, outdated patterns and stuck beliefs will be  highlighted. It may feel heavy and emotional so try not to judge what comes up just let the past go. Eclipses always bring change, we had a lot last year to clear the way for this year, so if you worked hard last year it may just feel like a short re visit to old patterns. Its an exciting start to 2019!!


Post Author: Lisa