Magdala Moon Lodge

The Magdala Moon Lodge is a Women’s healing circle that gathers every new moon to offer support and sacred space to learn about the divine feminine mysteries.


Every month a woman has the opportunity to turn inwards and release that which no longer serves her. She can integrate this wisdom and become empowered to live a more conscious and harmonious life.


Women for centuries have gathered in Red Tents or moon lodges at the time of their menstruation, this is a time when women are at their most sensitive and perceptive, they can access divine guidance for themselves and their loved ones. This time was greatly honoured by the community with women supporting each other so they could rest and replenish. When women gather together they form a vortex of healing energy that supports, validates and transforms all that is not in alignment.


Connecting to the cycles of nature is another important aspect of the circle, as women are cyclic beings they need connection to mother earth in order to ground their energies and stay balanced. This is very much missing from our current society for women and needs readdressing as women replenish and heal once they reconnect to the earth. Sacred ceremony harnesses the energies of the Sun, Moon and Earth to bring about healing, balance and divine wisdom.


The circle will also offer an opportunity to learn about and connect to the various goddess’s and female mystics. Many have been written out of history or side-lined creating a void with no role models for women. Many women feel lost and are looking for wise role models or crones that were an integral part of every community. Women are filling this void instead with material objects and alcohol. The female mystics have a rich, compassionate wisdom to share and will be reinstated.



I feel now more than ever women are in need of help, we have lost our way, we know something is missing from our lives, the patriarchal system is not working for us, it is making us sick, we can not stay separate and disconnected from each other.  Competition, domination, and a need for constant doing, are not female traits. We must value the feminine again if we are to survive. Co-operation, unity, compassion, caring, stillness and acceptance must again be part of who we are. Self love and validation must come from within, valuing our female gifts and not hiding them. We have nothing to be ashamed of!


The circle is open to all women, menstruating, peri menopausal, menopausal and those who have had a hysterectomy. A woman will always hold a sacred womb space even when removed. This space remains a portal to divine cosmic wisdom and so will be honoured.


Sacred Sisters you are welcomed with love………..


If you are interested in joining the circle or have any questions please contact me.